Monday, 7 October 2013


I went to america for one reason and one reason only, a fedora. Did i get one? You bet your ass i did, after some careful bartering i may add. I gave him everything i had, the 'oh please mr nice man can you do it for $30' 'i don't have enough money to pay that much' and the killer walking away trick, pretending your not interested in paying those cheap yet somewhat expensive prices, when we all know your going back there, he's gonna offer you a lower price and your gonna take it. You guessed it, he did and i got it, much to my excitement as he reassures me my baby's waterproof and beyond belief fold proof, if that even exists, i walked away after knocking $20 off the original price. I tell you something, if iv ever felt like a god, this day was it.

Hat-Cheap american stall Leather Jacker-ACNE Camo Jacker-Urban outfitters Short-Zara Top/dress-H&M Shoes-Zara

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